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De La Mardelle, Éloge funèbre du Comte d'Ennery, 1788.

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"Whites: 27,717; Slaves: 405,526"

In-depth analysis of Saint-Domingue, by its Attorney General


Guillaume-Pierre-François de La Mardelle (1732-1813).

Éloge funèbre du Comte d'Ennery et réforme judiciaire à Saint-Domingue.

Paris, Imprimerie nationale, [1789 or after].

4°, [X], 154 pp. (leaves A-A2 doubled). With a full-page engraved map and several tables.

Modern grey card board with title-label on spine.

First edition of a eulogy for Victor-Thérèse Charpentier d'Ennery (1732-1776), governor general of Saint-Domingue, followed by a report of a judicial reform project of the colony Saint-Domingue. Both works enlarged with a vast amount of statistical information about the state of the colony, by De La Mardelle (De Lamardelle; Delamardelle), who was Attorney General to the Superior Council of Port-au-Prince He was born in Fort-Dauphin (Saint-Domingue) in 1732 and the author of various books on geology and law. The eulogy for D’Ennery was delivered in a session of the Superior Council of Santo Domingo, on April 2, 1788 and is here printed in 30 pages, enhanced with several tables and notes. The second part of this book is devoted to a judicial reform project; the whole offers a great deal of information on the state of the colony at the time, including the number of "imported" enslaved people from Africa. This is illustrated before the title with an engraved map of Saint-Domingue, showing the new judicial geographic make-up of the colony after the reform. With a border line between the French and Spanish part drawn in 1776. The second part includes the date May 6, 1789, so the book was printed in that year or after. A second edition of this work was published in 1789 at Port-au-Prince by Mozard.

Condition: a few pages slightly browned, otherwise in very good condition.

Reference: Sabin 19337(?).


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