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El Rey, 1788.

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New leadership in the Spanish colonies


Charles IV of Spain.

El Rey.

[issued at:] San Lorenzo [del Escorial], November 12, 1788.


Bifolio in larger 4º. Blanks filled in by hand in ink, giving the place and date of issue and the name of the representative of the King (unidentified).



This pamphlet shares the royal decree issued by King Charles III of Spain appointing high-ranking officials in the Spanish Colonial Empire, including viceroys, presidents, judges, archbishops, and bishops of the Americas and the Philippines. The appointments cover regions such as Havana, Mexico (for Michoacán and Zacatecas), Xalisco, Yucatán, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Caracas, Santa Fe, Quito, Lima, Charcas, Buenos Aires, Chile, and the Philippines.
Furthermore, the document outlines the appointment of Vice-Commissioners of the Holy Land for each Province, specifying their responsibilities and the necessity for them to delegate tasks due to the vast areas they must cover. Each Vice-Commissioner is granted the authority to appoint substitutes in cities and other locations as needed. The decision, reviewed by the Council of the Chamber of the Indies and the Prosecutor, allows this delegation only in places with Convents of the same Religion. The document seeks feedback from Viceroys, Audiences, Archbishops, and Bishops of the Indies on whether appointing these Subdelegates could cause any harm.
This decree, issued towards the end of King Charles III's colonial reign, pertains to the administration and organization of religious and governmental authority within the Spanish colonies, emphasizing the need for organized and precise management of the extensive Spanish Empire.

Condition: Contemporary date inscription in ink at top of title, otherwise in very good condition.

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