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Gindre factory silk weaving manual, Lyon, ca. 1880.

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Exceptional silk weaving manual with 65 fabric samples in mint condition.


Gindre silk weaving factory.

Cours de théorie du tissage. 1ère année des unis.

Lyon, ca. 1880.

Folio (38,5 x 28 cm.). 127 leaves. Manuscript in ink in multiple colours on wove paper, with 65 fabric samples, 8 folding coloured schematics and numerous drawings. With a loosely inserted sheet containing former owner’s notes on the provenance of this book.

An incredibly neat and detailed silk weaving manual from the height of the Lyon silk production era. Divided into two parts, it first presents the theory and mathematics behind the technique, after which instructions are given for over 60 different silk weaving techniques such as velours, puche, satin, bourette, and many more, all very neatly illustrated in color with weaving schematics and fabric samples that are absolutely radiating with color and in mint condition.
The manuscript was made for the Gindre silk weaving factory in Lyon, which was one of the larger production facilities in the area. Lyon had historically been the European capital of silk fabric production, and during the latter half of the nineteenth century, the industry experienced unprecedented growth and innovation. Lyon solidified its status as the silk capital of the world, driving urbanization, population growth, and economic prosperity in the region. Women were integral to Lyon's silk industry, working in various roles from weaving to design. They contributed significantly to production, both in factories and at home, supporting the city's economic growth and its reputation as a silk center. This period also saw a flourishing of artistic creativity, with skilled designers and artisans producing exquisite fabrics renowned for their quality and craftsmanship.

Condition: in excellent condition.


Bernadette Angleraud et. al., Femmes de Lyon, Lyon, ELAH, éditions lyonnaises d'art et d'histoire, 2016.

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