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Slave ship surgeon contract, 1792.

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Contract for the Surgeon of a Slave Ship


Jacques Le Cadre & C°; Charles Guillet.

Autograph contract signed.

Nantes, October 1, 1792.


4°. 2 pp. Manuscript in ink on paper, with a tax stamp at the head.


Contract for a surgeon on board a slave ship traveling from Angola to Saint-Domingue (Haiti), detailing compensation based on the successful transportation and sale of enslaved African individuals.
Jacques Le Cadre, a Nantes shipowner, "fits out the ship l'Achille bound for Angola" and hires doctor Charles Guillet of Caen for "the place of second surgeon on our said ship and we allocate him fifty pounds of fees per months & three pounds ten sols (of Saint Domingue silver) per each head of blacks introduced into the colonies who will be sold above three hundred pounds. […] Guillet will give the most diligent care to the preservation of the blacks as well as to the people making up the crew, using all the resources of his art”.

Also included are four other manuscripts validating Guillet's medical training and qualifications, reinforcing his credibility as a practitioner, d.d. April 1799, 1 p; idem; 1800-1802, 2 pp.; October 1839, 1 p.

Condition: faded unobtrusive stains, otherwise all in very good condition.

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